Alpine Ski Equipment

When shopping for new ski equipment, we believe there are two important questions to ask.
1) What level of ability are you?
2) What type of terrain do ski most often?

Skiers who tend to focus on slower, moderate terrain need skis designed for those conditions. If speed is your thing, choose a ski designed to withstand the energy and power created by your ability.

Midwest skiing is typically on hard packed, groomed trails. Skis designed to carve will offer you the best experience on this type terrain.  Wide waisted skis provide the best experience for deep, powder conditions.

M-Pro 85

Dynastar ePro85

Dynastar Menace90

LX 120

LX 70w

LX 110



Absolute Joy

Edge 85w



Atomic Bent Chetler 90

Atomic Maverick83

Atomic Maven83

Hawk Prime95w

Hawk Prime100

Hawk Magna100

Salomon QST Spark

Salomon Stance84

Salomon Stance84W

QST Access80

S/Pro MV90

S/Pro MV 80w